School begins at 8.45am.

All children access the school through the car park and onto the rear playground. Children should not arrive at school until after 8.30 am.

Children arriving later than 8.50 am must use the main entrance to be admitted.


School ends at 3.00pm.

Five minutes before this time the school gates will be unlocked and you are asked to wait for your children on the rear playground. The class teacher will release children from the class into your care.

If you need to change your child’s arrangements for travelling home, please let us know by letter or phone call. We cannot accept verbal notification by children. If we are not informed otherwise, and your child travels home by bus, they will be put onto the bus as usual.


Please contact the school as soon as possible in the morning by telephone in the case of an absence.

Absences which fall outside of those of a medical nature will need to be authorised by the headteacher.

Car Parking

There is ample parking for parents in the car park outside the school gates.

Please drive carefully and slowly near school. Please do not park in front of the school gates.

Access, in case of emergency, must be available at all times.

The School Bus

The school is served by a bus for those children living more than two miles from school. In addition, where appropriate, parents may pay for bus travel for their child.

Bus children are supervised on and off the bus. Please note - children are unsupervised once the bus has left the school.

Your child’s behaviour on the bus is your responsibility and any problems may lead to withdrawal of a bus pass by the transport agency.

It is the bus company policy not to leave children alone at their stop at the end of the day. Should your child not be met at their stop they will remain on the coach and be taken to the depot – Cropley’s yard at Fosdyke - from where parents will have to collect them.

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